Ghostbusters Review — I ain’t afraid of no environmental regulators (E08)

Criticize After Dinner reviews the original ghostbusters

Excited at the news of a revamped Ghostbusters will an all-female starring cast, we brushed off the dust on our old VCRs, and gave the original a whirl. The constant sexism made for a difficult watch, but we split heavily on if the movie stood the test of time. The movie also offered a warped perspective on environmental regulators, academia, and the 1980s’ love affair with the entrepreneurial spirit. We closed out with our list of dos and don’ts for the new movies.

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Divergent and Insurgent Review

Criticize after dinner's DIvergent and Insurgent review

Returning to our key tween demographic, we had a conversation to explain the ins and outs of Divergent and Insurgent, for both the hardcore fans and those who’ve wisely skipped these movies. The trilogy they came from is almost a response to Hunger Games, though despite a strong female lead, these movies miss the mark on questions ranging from gender to class to identity. So join in to see if the erudite & candid Alexis and amiable & abnegating Chepe can set aside their identities and come to some agreement on this dystopic young adult series for the all-too-easily entertained Reagan fan club.

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