Birdman Review — Fame, Brands, Self-Absorption (E04)

In our Birdman review, we look at the film’s treatment of women, discuss its take on consumerism and commodification, and ask if the film is anti-consumerist, anti-elite, anti-intellectual… or something else entirely. We examine the film’s ending, its quoting of Macbeth, and ask what the film has to say about the quest for attention and fame under capitalism.

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  1. I discovered your reviews via “the majority report”. The reviews are solid. I think the reading material is great. I found this review to be enlightening and not overtly political. The Magical Realism discussion was spot on and pertinent for a Latin Mercian director (Inarritu). Did you consider exploring macho stereotypes of Latin American culture?

    I’m looking forward to your takes on dystopian movies (I’ll hold my opinions for now).

    Would a future review on “Django” be too volatile?

    My Macho Latin American thought of the day:
    If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.

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