Foxcatcher Review — The Capitalist Owns YOU (E06)

In our Foxcatcher review, we delve into the politics of class, patriotism and masculinity that are so well critiqued in this Oscar-nominated film. A quiet movie, there are a lot more motifs and a lot of the film’s thought-provoking ideas go left unsaid. So, we’re here to get that conversation rolling, as Alexis starts us off on the class dimensions of the film, while Chepe points out analogies made between the treatment of working class wrestlers and that of the Du Pont’s horses. We also take it to the Bechdel Test, and this class is pass or fail.

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  1. Excellent chat, I like how you two break down pretty much every angle of the film I was thinking about afterwards. Lego Movie & Selma playbacks next for me (after I watch them).

  2. I thought back to this discussion when i heard about the Robert Bates shooting of Eric Harris. Even though the circumstances are different it seems to have a common theme of rich folks buying their way into fantasies that have negative real life consequences for working class , poor and marginalized people.

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