Jurassic World Review: Where Equality in the Workplace Means We’ll All Get Eaten (E10)

In this episode, we take a bite out of the newest film in the Jurassic Park franchise, which has garnered bigger audiences and better reviews than perhaps any of the sequels. Jurassic World is also perhaps the loudest in the series to date, but continues the familiar themes of the ramifications of capitalist man’s ignorant attempts to play god, and the forces of nature that win out in the end. Alexis takes issue, though, with some of the more regressive gender politics in the movie and is very invested in the dinosaur-on-dinosaur rumble at the end, while Chepe is worried about workplace safety and has suggestions for a change-of-pace in the inevitable fifth Jurassic film.

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Ghostbusters Review — I ain’t afraid of no environmental regulators (E08)

Criticize After Dinner reviews the original ghostbusters

Excited at the news of a revamped Ghostbusters will an all-female starring cast, we brushed off the dust on our old VCRs, and gave the original a whirl. The constant sexism made for a difficult watch, but we split heavily on if the movie stood the test of time. The movie also offered a warped perspective on environmental regulators, academia, and the 1980s’ love affair with the entrepreneurial spirit. We closed out with our list of dos and don’ts for the new movies.

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Birdman Review — Fame, Brands, Self-Absorption (E04)

In our Birdman review, we look at the film’s treatment of women, discuss its take on consumerism and commodification, and ask if the film is anti-consumerist, anti-elite, anti-intellectual… or something else entirely. We examine the film’s ending, its quoting of Macbeth, and ask what the film has to say about the quest for attention and fame under capitalism.

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